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Uefa say the SFA cannot choose to prevent Scottish Cup
runners-up playing in the Uefa Cup, pending a review.

Gordon Smith wanted to award a Uefa Cup berth to the
fourth-placed SPL, but in September he was informed
that his application was submitted too late.

"There'll be no changes in any national association until
Uefa complete a review of qualification procedures," said the chief executive.

"They say they will decide in August how each country's clubs can qualify."

Under current rules, one Uefa Cup place is awarded
to the third-placed team in the SPL and one to the
winners of the Scottish Cup.

However, if the national cup winners are already
guaranteed European football by virtue of their league finish,
their Uefa Cup place is awarded to the losing finalists.

Smith had hoped to avoid a repeat of the scenario whereby
First Division side Gretna represented the country in Europe.

The chief executive had hoped to push through his plans
for season 2009/10, but this timetable has been put in doubt
by Uefa's latest announcement on the matter.

Rangers' progression to May's final means
First Division Queen of the South will now
compete in next season's Uefa Cup.


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Jazz 16 said:
Go on Queen of the South lol.
Bet their fans never thought they would make Europe lol

I still find this ruling strange though.
It's the same as in the English FA Cup.

As the winners are usually one of the 4, then it's always the runner-up of the cup that gets the UEFA cup place - Millwall for example.

If both teams are alreay in Europe, like United and Chelsea last season, then the place gets given to an extra league position.

However, the Scottish league is so much weaker than the English league it's unbelievable. So I agree, I think it should be given to an extra league place so they stand some sort of chance.
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