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Yeah... I don't really know how to say this but The Telegraph's Malcolm Moore has broken the news that Inter have a killer Tailor. Literally.

55 year old Domenico Brescia is a convicted murderer who is a known associate of the Crisafulli Mafia clan. In his spare time he's also a cocaine dealer.

Well at least we now know why Ibra's been a bit below par come season's end. Busted knee... yeah sure. :D

Apparently coach Mancini has been overheard on the phone with Brescia talking to a criminal who was on the run avoiding police.

There were also other calls where Mancini was overheard demanding "two coat hangers urgently".

Two coat hangers I never thought that would seem so ominous. Man the Mafia can make anything scary. :)

Another Inter employee was overheard referring to "Packs of Stuff" left in Brescia's car.

Here's the link:

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Inter Rocked By Mafia Scandal

On the eve of a decisive Scudetto weekend, Inter Milan have been rocked by a shocking Mafia scandal.

This Sunday is the final round of the Serie A season, with Inter going into their game at Parma just one point clear of second-placed Roma.

The pressure was already on given the fact that the Nerazzurri have twice squandered the chance to seal the Scudetto by first losing to Milan, and then last week drawing at home to Siena.

Now some shocking revelations have been leaked, as the Daily Telegraph has exposed a Mafia scandal involving the club, Coach Roberto Mancini, and his assistant Sinisa Mihaljovic.

It all revolves around Inter's tailor, Domenico Brescia, who has been revealed to be a convicted murderer, who is closely involved with the Crisafulli Mafia organisation.

The 55-year-old is suspected by the police to be a cocaine supplier, and he has been under scrutiny from investigators.

The transcripts of over 200 of Brescia's conversations with Mancini, Mihaljovic and a number of Inter players were recorded, and leaked to the press. While many of these phone calls were just ordinary, and regarded clothing matters and tickets to matches, some, and one in particular are far more serious.

In one call Brescia and Mancini are recorded discussing Daniele Bizzozzero, a Mafioso associate of Brescia's who had fled the peninsula to Monte Carlo, before fleeing again to Paris in an attempt to escape the police.

"What happened to him," Mancini asks Brescia.

"How was he arrested? I told him to stay [in Paris] and wait for a pardon."

Brescia then replied to Mancini that Bizzozzero was stupid, to which Mancini responded: "He has always behaved well with me."

The fact that Mancini asked Brescia about the welfare of a mafioso exile, and suggested that he should stay on the run from police, is certain to send some shockwaves throughout the Calcio community.

In other phone calls, Mancini mysteriously demanded that Brescia immediately fetch him "two coathangers", while another Inter employee was recorded speaking about "packs of stuff" in Brescia's car.
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