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The University of Navarra has released their annual list of the most popular clubs for 2008. The list is compiled based on media exposure.

Manchester United have placed 2nd, dropping from 1st last year. This year we were pipped to top spot by Barcelona.

Before all of you start mentioning that Barca have won nothing this year & we bagged a double, I should state that trophies are only a part of media popularity.

The study basically looks for which clubs are creating the biggest buzz not just on the pitch but all over the place.

Now what does this is players. Specifically, young homegrown players. Apparently the emergence of Bojan Krikic & Dos Santos has given Barca a leg up.

People are talking about Barca's youth system pointing to the aformentioned duo along with the likes of Messi, Pique & Fabregas.

Homegrown talent excites people in a way that big money stars cannot. In fact big money stars are apparently a turn off

as they are viewed as tarnishing a clubs reputation. Barca's youth system is widely regarding as the worlds best valued at £120 million.

Real Madrid's youth academy are second at £50 million & As Roma's youth clubs rounds off the top 3 at £40 million.

I am inclined to agree with those valuations so with further ado I give you the list of top 10 clubs ranked by Global Popularity. :)

Rank 2008 ---Team---------------------League------------Media value for 2007

1--------------Barcelona----------------Spanish Liga------3

2--------------Manchester United------Premiership-------1

3--------------AC Milan-----------------Serie A------------5


5--------------Real Madrid--------------Spanish Liga------4

6--------------Liverpool-----------------Premiership -------6


8--------------Inter Milan---------------Serie A------------7

9--------------Roma---------------------Serie A-----------10

10------------Olympique Lyon----------Ligue Une--------13

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ManUtd19 said:
I'd say that list was pulled out of someone's arse.

1) Manchester United
2) Real Madrid
3) Barcelona
4) Arsenal
They always feel that way don't they? :D Personally I'd say that Bayern Munich definitely deserve a place on that list.

I mean with all the talk about Lahm, Toni & Ribery plus Klinsmann they've had their share of headlines.

Apart from all the gushing over Torres Liverpool haven't been that news worthy. Until this whole Barry saga.

Yeah if I made a list it would be AC Milan top because of all the talk about them practically having to rebuild their team.

With Pato & Kaka injured they have lacked any firepower & finishing 5th set plenty of tongues wagging. United 2nd so I agree with that.

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Not suprised really don't see how people can complain.

Alot of people just say they like Barca everywhere in Britain personally I hate them and it's just a way of supporting another big club.

Chelsea, i guarantee 4/5 years ago were probably about 400th lol.

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Another eason why Barca had so much media last season was because of there dramatic fall. Everyone expected ronnie, eto'o, henry and messi to batter everyone infront of them but obviously it was a failure.

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I find this a bit strange tbh.

Milan jump from 5th to 3rd, but yet haven't won anything and haven't done anything exciting?

I don't think its true at all.

Anyway, I couldn't care less about this. All that matters is that I support United :p

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TheManc said:
Another reason why Barca had so much media last season was because of there dramatic fall. Everyone expected ronnie, eto'o, henry and messi to batter everyone infront of them but obviously it was a failure.

That is right and i think that will be change in next season

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Personally, I think it's right. It's all about media exposure. Not about how good the clubs are or anything like that. No one can argue that Barca and MUFC are 2 of the biggest club names in the football realm. However, Ronnie is probably the most popular player in the world just because of the style of football he has a reputation for. Amongst football fans, we know he's over rated, but to the general public, he's god.... thus edging them out


-zuco- said:
Who cares?

We won the Premier League and Champions League.

I couldn't care less what the 'global stakes' say :p
I agree with you almost completely. The only good thing about this, is more exposure = more drones. More drones = more financial income for the club. :)
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