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Saw this ...

Comes from Reuters News Agency ...

Seems Madrid got lucky again this year ...

Making them the richest club again, lmao ....

Not that this means a great deal but I thought people might like to read it.

MADRID, Spain: Real Madrid retained its status as the world's wealthiest soccer
club last season, according to a study released Wednesday by the consultancy

Real Madrid had €351 million (US$511.97 million) in revenue in the 12 months to
June 30, 2007, up 20 percent from the same period in the previous season,
Deloitte said in its annual Football Money League study.

Manchester United was second with €315.2 million (US$459.75 million), up from
fourth in the previous season.

FC Barcelona, the second wealthiest club in the prior study, fell to third in 2006-07
with €290.1 million (US$423.14 million).

Deloitte ranked the world's top 20 clubs by revenue. All of them are in western
Europe, with six from England, four from Italy and Germany and three from Spain.

Deloitte said the total combined revenue from the 20 clubs increased by 11
percent to €3.7 billion (US$5.4 billion).

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I think this is all based on turnover alone ...

Which doesn't make a company rich if they have debt or heavy outgoings ...

Maybe the Reuters accountants are confused and need some re-training, lmao :eek:

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Discuss Rict Club in the world

What's a Rict Club


-zuco- said:
I was wondering the exact same thing Sal :rolleyes:
Just can't get the staff these days ... :rolleyes:

My thread - as can be seen in post one - was called "United Back To Second Richest Again" ...

Keano! made another thread called "Rict Club in the world" ... as can be seen in post number 8.

They were merged the wrong way around ... :rolleyes:

So the titles were reversed ... Tut tut tut ... :p

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Stephen said:
We are NOT the richest in the world.

This is just on revenue alone. We could bring in that much, splash out about the same, then there's a lot lot more behind the scenes than flippin revenue.

Yes we know it's based on revenues - it's in the original article :rolleyes:

Chill Stephen we promise not to make United look too good ... :p

Jazz 16 said:
United took a World record 92 million from Matchday takings last season, compared to AC Milan who took in less than 20 million.
Just shows our fans are being ripped off the most.
Over 4 times more than the European Champions...........its a joke
A fact like this is a bit vague ...

We accomodate 76,000 they accomodate 55,000 ...

How much is a ticket in Italy ... ?

The whole cost of living in Italy and most of Europe is a lot cheaper than the UK - so they have cheaper tickets !

Also ...

We need to know their average attendance per game last season - United's is about 75,900 I would imagine.

After knowing these facts we can compare ;)
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