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Red Devil 7 said:
Thanks guys, i have managed to find out a bit, and it IS to do with the shipping docks along side that its on the Manchester coat of arms too. Any of you guys go to the village pub on 5th street before the games? if you do we`re the Cheltenham crew.....always in there.

The Coat of Arms is representing the actual crest for Manchester.

The ship on it represents the trading across seas of goods and services. I'm not 100% sure, but I'm of the beielf that the three stripes across the coat of arms, depicts the three trade routs, to where exactly I;m not sure. We used to have the three stripes until we were cristened the Red Devils by Matt Busby while on tour when we were then given the Devil in place of the stripes, yet the coat of arms shape was kept.

You see the two roses on the horse/lion? They are replaced by two footballs on the United crest today. ;)

You'll notice that City have the ship and three stripes too...

A lot of history in that crest! :rolleyes: :cool:

and since United are now a PLC, we no longer have "Football Club" printed on the crest and its led to comical versions of the crest such as below being made... :rolleyes:

Current crest

Older, my favourite if the colours were as rich as the ones today

The one prior the Devil with the stripe -

and I'm looking for the older, very old white one... i used to have a sweet pic of it, but can't find it now.

I have a savage poster in my room and its on it... I'll keep looking for it

9,926 Posts
The Manchester Coat of Arms dates back to 1842, and pre-dates the Ship Canal by half a century.

* Antelope and chain represents the engineering industries
* Red roses are traditional representations of Lancashire
* Three stripes represent the three rivers of Manchester, the Irk, the Irwell and the Medlock.
* Terrestrial globe covered in bees represent efficient industry (often used around the city as an emblam of Manchester) adopted in the 19th Century
* The ship represents the city's trading base and later Manchester Ship Canal
* Lion and the red castle is a reference to the Roman fort at Castlefield
* 'Concilion et Labore' is latin for 'By Wisdom and Effort'

Hope that clears the matter up. :)
Knew it! :p :D:D:D
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