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united & celtic is it a real brotherhood

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would love to know your views on united and celtic is it a brotherhood in this i mean that my best mate is a avid celtic fan and he says that all celtic fans love united too how do we feel about them i have to admit a do have a soft spot for celtic and keep an eye on thier results
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I follow Celtic as well, I always get there tops, My Dad and ALL my mates are Celtic fans.

Celtic would be our 2nd team after Man Utd, Liverpool ETC....... The two clubs without doubt have a strong bond. Just look at all the testimonials they play, Keano's, Giggs, Irwin's were all against Celtic.

I remember being at the Keano Testimonial last May it was an unable atmosphere between the two clubs, great banner and craic and i can remember the announner greeting Celtic on to pitch as our great fans from the north,
no time for celtic as most my family and friends are big Rangers fans!
mon the hoops


for any body that likes celtic and would love to find out more my mate is a mod there and its a great forum
United and Celtic were great "partners" for many years but the Scottish fans have become more beligerent in recent years. So much so, they actually kicked off some aggro on their last trip down here. No longer can we be called "partners".
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