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United Champions - United 'A' 2nd Place !!!

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I think Mr Mourinho had a good plan.

The way he delivered his idea made everyone get all upset because he made it sound like he and Chelski were a class above everyone else - which United proved they are not this season

He said his reserves should be allowed in The Championship.


I think United's reserves should be allowed to enter a team in the Championship too - they would certainly be a hand full for most of them if we're honest.

If this option was offered to all Premiership teams it would be up to them if they did it or not.

It would certainly be a good way to give all the squad regular footie in a good standard league - be a blessing actually for some of the guys like Solksjaer, Park, Smithy (at times) etc etc.........Even Rossi could be tried out there - then its a lesser step up for them to play in 'The Big Time'.

Of course............we all know this aint ever gonna happen - but where do you all think United Reserves and Chelsea Reserves would finish in The Championship........

Promoted ?

Mid table ?

Relegated ?

What team could we field too - be a good one for sure me thinx.

I reckon we'd get promoted and then United could finish 1st and 2nd in the Prem

But then again - I am a dreamer ... x
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United would probably end up in the top 10! Most players that leave our reserves that go to championship clubs do very well. Look at David Healy!
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