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United chase 'New Gabriel Batistuta'

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Spurs, Man Utd target Moreno likened to Batistuta - May 20, 2008

Tottenham and Manchester United are chasing the 'new Gabriel Batistuta' in the form of Cruzeiro striker Marcelo Moreno.

Cruzeiro chiefs have confirmed the interest of both United and Tottenham in recent weeks and the Bolivian's Italian agent, Luciano Marangon, told Radio Calciomercato: "He is very similar to Batistuta. A tall, central striker, very physically strong, but also very mobile. He works the flanks similar to how Batistuta used to play.

"I know that in Spain, as in England, he is in great demand. In England we're talking about Arsenal."

YouTube Vid -

Looks like he has some potential. Worth taking a chance?
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I heard a few months ago that utd were linked to him, but nothing happened since, Just more rumours again, We have been linked to so many recentley
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