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The majority of United fans would agree with me when I say the International
breaks or the England team overall is an absolute waste of time and money. It
completely slows down the rhythm of the Premiership and it's a weekend and
midweek of absolute boredom. It's absolutely pointless and the worst nightmare
is if important players like Rooney and Ferdinand get injured, thus meaning a
possible break-up in United's form.

We had to endure it over the past week, but certain incidents in Russia meant the
United fans in Manchester and all around the country were sat at home crying
with laughter at the final whistle. Rooney scored a brilliant opener (what else do
you expect from a United player), but Pavlyuchenko scored twice meaning that
England were staring at the possibility of failing to qualify for Euro 2008.
Meanwhile Scotland could be on the verge of actually qualifying. Brilliant.

If this actually happens, it will mean the English United players will get a summer
off, and we won't have to cope with all the ‘1966' malarkey.

I don't hate England, (actually I am not sure about that) don't get me wrong, but
I seem to care more about QVC's broadcasting times than whether England will
repeat their triumphs of 1966. I simply don't care about them. I watch England
games (if I can be bothered to) just as a normal football game. The only problem
is that I get that funny feeling in my belly when Rooney goes into a 50-50, but
other than that, I couldn't care less. So why aren't United fans doing what they
should be doing, and supporting their home country? Why United?

The thing is that it's not just United fans that are having the same feelings, it's
generally the fans of the top sides on the Premiership. Arsenal, Chelski or Pool
fans prefer to watch their reserves on a cold and rainy Wednesday night that
watch England play.

This means that if you go to an England game, you'll find that the majority of them
support the likes of Citeh, Boro and teams in the Championship and below.
These are teams that don't expect to lift a trophy at the end of the season, so
they rely on England for a chance to taste some glory. The problem though, is
that England aren't getting that much glory at all.

But for United, there are other reasons, and the first happened in 1998. England
of course had pressure and high expectations for this World Cup which was held
in France. After doing well in the group stages, England had a vital game against
the far more superior Argentina side. It was 1-0 to the Argentines after 5
minutes, but Shearer then equalised. Owen then made it 2-1, but Argentina
equalised through Zanetti just before the break.

Just after the restart, Simeone clashed into Beckham, who lay on the floor and for
some reason, decided to raise his boot and tap Simeone on the leg. As a typical
Argentine, Simeone rolled around on the floor like a scouser trying to persuade
the local hospital for accommodation for the night. Beckham got sent off, and
England got knocked out on penalties.

The public were outraged. It had to be Beckham's fault, for EVERYTHING. He made
England miss the penalties even though he didn't take any. It had to be his fault.

Unfortunately it got serious, as the Beckhams received death threats and England
fans wanted Beckham's head. The following season meant that he had to cope
with booing and hissing whenever United played away. The United fans on the
other hand gave him their utmost support. ‘There's only one David Beckham' was
always echoing around Old Trafford, and eventually the booing and hissing
stopped as Beckham started to put in some outstanding performances. This
incident probably started the club vs country rows with United.

Most recently though, were the incidents in the World Cup last year in Germany.
After getting past the mighty Ecuador, England faced their toughest test in
Portugal in the quarter-finals. Again, it was a World Cup of high expectations, as
England fans firmly believed this was their year. In a fairly tight game, Wayne
Rooney went into a challenge, and as he tried to regain balance, he trodden on
Carvalho's unmentionables. As any opposing player of any team would have
done, Ronaldo went to the ref persuading him to punish Rooney for what looked
like a dangerous stamp. But the fact that it was against England means that it's
an unforgivable crime. Anyway, Wayne got sent off and Ronaldo exchanged a
wink with the Portuguese bench.

It went down to penalties and Ronaldo added the salt to the wound by scoring
the winning penalty, sending England out.

‘Crucify him', the England fans shouted as Ronaldo was becoming Hitler's nearest
contender for the most hated crown. The booing continued while Ronaldo was
single-handedly leading United to a Premiership title. ‘He plays on the left, he
plays on the riiiiiiiight…' became a heavily sang song amongst United fans. The
boo boys didn't last past Christmas with Ronaldo producing some mind blowing

But by this time though, it was understood that United fans didn't care about
England anyway. They actually enjoyed watching them lose in the World Cup. It's
just hysterical how the press get so much on England's back prior to a
tournament, and be utterly surprised and angry when they come back home
empty handed. It's hysterical how the FA make some of the worst decisions in
football history. Why on earth did they sack Sven? And bring in Steve bloody
McLaren! This decision was made after ignoring the likes of Hiddink, O'Neill,
Scolari and even Sam Allardyce.

It's hysterical how Match of the Day look back on 1966 so much, that at first
glance it looks like it happened yesterday. It's hysterical how the England fans
don't know how to support a team.

So it is true that we don't care about England, and I hope it stays that way.

by Henry Kibirige

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No English players in Champs League either !!

First 2 rounds had 53 Brazilians....16 Romanians (1 team).....13 Scottish (2 teams) and 12 English (4 TEAMS)

So yes Mr Devil more home grown talent is needed for sure !!!
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