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United Going To Party Like It's 1999

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United are certainly going to take some stopping in the Champions League this
season. It appears that they have hit peak form at exactly the right time, winning
2-0 in Rome on Tuesday night when many were predicting they would settle for
taking a draw back to Old Trafford. Do Manchester United have the look of
European champions.

Their star player Cristiano Ronaldo is never one to be short of confidence, with
the Daily Mail reporting that the best player in the world now believes that the
giant trophy is within their reach. The Portuguese superstar headed in the
opening goal for United, before Wayne Rooney made it two, and confidence is
now sky-high within the camp.

Ronaldo said: “We have a great chance to win the competition now. This team
are playing fantastic football and we have matured.

“I think it was a great header tonight and I feel very happy to have scored
another goal, but the most important thing is that the team won the game. It
was a good performance.â€

It's often easy to forget that Ronaldo is such an aerial threat considering what a
wizard he can be with the ball at his feet. United are set to face their toughest
test to date by playing Barcelona in the semi-finals, although they'll surely be
favourite against the Catalan giants considering the latest in a long line of
comprehensive victories.
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Ronaldo aims for 1999 repeat

Source: Manchester Evening News

CRISTIANO Ronaldo wants to swap armchair admiration of United's 1999 stars for the Champions League winner's podium in Moscow.

In 49 days the tournament's leading goalscorer hopes to be the TV star who will inspire future generations of Reds.

Ronaldo has spent the last five years watching re-runs of United's European Cup success in Barcelona and dreaming of replicating the Nou Camp triumph. Now he aims to turn the dreams into reality.

"I have watched the 1999 final many, many times on television. It is something I want to do as well," he said.

"It is a great competition and, therefore, such a great experience to win it. Every one of the lads wants to win not just the Champions League but also the Premier League.

"And we know we have a good chance, because we are in such a good position at the moment.

"This is a fantastic club with great players. We have the experience. We have the team.

"The lads know that if we carry on like this, we have a good chance to win the Champions League. But we have to take it game to game and, if we do that, we will be OK.

"I think the team improves every year. In fact, at the moment the team is brilliant. Everyone is confident. We are experiencing a good moment. We are playing nice football and with such maturity.

"If we carry on like we did in Rome, with the next game at home and at 2-0, we have a great situation.

"Maybe we are the best team at the moment. But, we must not forget you have Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea and Barcelona.

"Even so, we are in a very good position right now.

"To win 2-0 at a big club like Roma is a very, very good result. It is amazing to go home with that kind of result behind you.

"But it is not good if we think it is all over. We have a great chance but we still have to play well at Old Trafford."

Ronaldo was still sat in front of his armchair on his return from Italy - watching his goal against Roma.

The 23-year-old put United ahead in the first half with a thumping header but was flattened in the process.

"I don't know much about the goal because I went down injured and was in pain so I didn't enjoy it.

"I will watch it again but the lads have told me it was brilliant," he added.
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i hope nobody would miss out when the final comes this year. hope to have a full squad available
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