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Rahul said:
Here in India the newspapers donot have an opinion on football so an opinion on United is out of question. In the newspapers we have staringht rip offs from The Guardian or some other English papers and that's it.

As for ESPN which airs the PL matches in the entire southeast Asia, they don't fancy United much. We have a show over here called Football Focus and they have 4 pundits out of which 2 or 3 are former Scousers. They speak about United for 5 minutes in a 1 hour show, talk about Livepool and their chances in the League for 45 minutes, the rest on Chelsea and if some time remains on the relegation threatened teams.

But I enjoy seeing they want anyone other team than United to win anything.
Exactly , this is what we get in India

TV News , papers have a sports segment which contains only cricket , criket players interviews , what cars the cricketers have , where cricketers live etc. :confused:

Coming to TV this is how its broadcasted

EPL : EPSN Star - Pretty good covergae as ESPN Takes feeds from Sky and Star from Setanta or Premier Live.

CL : Ten Sports. Shitty coverage and the commentators sit in some studio in the middle east :eek: . They have no clue whats going on

Carling Cup / FA Cup etc : Ten sports or PIX. But no one knows when they will show it.

Media is biased against United and talk of all scousers. Football FOucus , yeah I watch that --->> now they have 3 former liverpool players . But I think Mcmahaon [Macca] is ok. Hate the rest.

The only good thing being MUTV hwich is shown on TEN Sports :)
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