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It's the same as last year almost ... :eek:

Just 5 games remain in the Premier League
and it's anyones guess who will emerge

88 points WILL win it for United - but getting
these points is not easy at this stage of the

I hopefully predict the following results over
the remaining fixtures. Draw against Arsenal
followed by an away victory against Blackburn.

With 81 points in the bank, I predict a draw
against Chelsea at the Bridge and a home win
against West Ham which brings us to 85 points.

Throw in three points away to Wigan and the
magic figure of 88 points will ensure the Premier
League trophy remains at Old Trafford.

Over in London Chelsea will finish the season
with 87 points. Given their remarkable home
form, it's hard not to envisage three points at
home to Wigan a week tonight, an away win
at Everton followed by a draw against the
reigning Champions at Stamford Bridge.

That brings up 81 points on the board and
even with two further victories against the
Newcastle and Bolton, it won't be enough to
dampen the party in Manchester.

What do you think the final points tally will be?

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dckyfoxes said:
we should be able to win Arsenal at home ground... Perhaps u have to recount again... LOL
Win Arsenal - what the whole club and all the players ... :eek:

Or maybe 'beat' Arsenal ... :p

We should be able to beat City home and
away in the league ... West Ham and Bolton
in the league and Southend in the Carling
Cup too but .....

Well you get my meaning I'm sure ... :D ;)
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