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Here is United's official response to the errors on the Busby
Babes mural panels at Old Trafford.....

20/01/2008 16:12Reds answer tribute queryThe club has issued the following
statement regarding Old Trafford's East Stand tribute, which marks the 50th
anniversary of the Munich air disaster:

"The commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Munich air crash has involved
many different groups including the Club's partners.

"Each group has chosen to pay tribute in its own way. It is entirely appropriate
that a partner as closely involved with the Club as AIG would want to remember
that extraordinary team, cut down in its prime.

"Key figures were consulted before the project was agreed, including the Busby
family and all were supportive of what is a stunning and poignant tribute."

On Saturday United also pledged to correct a text error in the tribute, which has
just been erected. The image covers the entire glass fronting of East Stand with
a picture of the Babes' final line-up in Belgrade before the disaster, accompanied
by the lyrics to the Manchester United Calypso.

A club spokesman told "It has come to the club's attention that
there is an error in the text on the Busby Babes' Munich tribute on the East
Stand facade.

"The club is grateful for the assistance it has received. The incorrect panels will be
removed on Sunday 20 January and replaced as soon as possible."

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They intend to add Sir Matt to the wording.....

But came out with the excuse "AIG wanted to show their respects".....

There are surely better ways to do this than advertising with that crappy logo on the mural FFS !!!!

They checked with the Busby family apparently !!!


Meaning they sent Gill around to spin a story of how it is good for the club and blah blah blah !!

That is disgusting the way they use this logo !!!


All the independent supporters association and fanzines are backing the call for the AIG logo to be removed.

There has been uproar amongst United supporters following the revelation that the memorial picture of Busby Babes on the front of the East Stand at Old Trafford has an AIG sponsors logo on it. As the panels of the picture went up they were greeted by almost universal acclaim until the final few panels went up revealing a glaring error AND the AIG sponsor's logo. Outraged supporters have been inundating AIG with complaints ([email protected] [email protected] ).

The Club have been alerted to both the error and to the anger over the presence of the AIG logo but their statement only says they will correct the error but initialy made no mention whatsoever of the thing that has really angered supporters -the inclusion of a sponsor's logo on what is effectively a memorial. Now the club seem set to support its inclusion.

Missing out the name Busby in the second line of the song is obviously a genuine mistake but ultimately forgivable. However the inclusion of the AIG sponsor logo alongside the words "They play on in our memories" makes it sound like a cheesy advertising strapline and appears a premeditated attempt to monetise the remembrance of Munich by associating themselves with the powerful emotions generated.

We urge the club to also correct the real error (of judgement) and remove the AIG logo.

United We Stand -

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