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Manchester United will fly straight from their Far East tour to play in a prestigious four-team tournament in Munich this summer.

The world champions are due to complete their Asia trip - which also takes in visits to China, South Korea and Indonesia - in Malaysia on July 26.

They will then head to Germany for the Audi Cup, a new pre-season tournament also featuring Bayern Munich, AC Milan and Boca Juniors.

Wes Brown was on hand to discover Sir Alex Ferguson's side will tackle Boca - Carlos Tevez's former club - at the Allianz Arena on Wednesday, July 29 with the winners taking on the victors from the other semi-final the following day.

The line-up raises the possibility of David Beckham playing against United for the first time, although that would be dependent on the former England skipper agreeing a release from his current contract with LA Galaxy.

United also seem certain to be involved in next season's Community Shield at Wembley on August 9, meaning the vast majority of their pre-season campaign is already know


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Cool, ac and bayern will be a real test in pre season unlike the asian teams no offence ment of course. Will beckham play against us and will tevez play agianst his former club? Gonna be a good pre season :)

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Good. Will be good for us to play some quality opponents before the season begins; should hopefully help us to get off to a quicker start than we normally do - not to mention it being a really interesting spectacle?

Can anybody remember what we did in the 06/07 pre season? 'cause we came absolutely flying out of the traps that season and we never looked back.

EDIT: Just found the opening fixtures to the 06/07 season..

July 2006
15 Pre-season Man United Vs Orlando Pirates A 4 - 0
18 Pre-season Man United Vs Kaiser Chiefs A 1 - 0
22 Pre-season Man United Vs Kaiser Chiefs A 0 - 0(Pens)
26 Pre-season Man United Vs Celtic A 3 - 0
29 Pre-season Man United Vs Preston North End A 1 - 2
31 Pre-season Man United Vs Macclesfield Town A 2 - 1
August 2006
04 Pre-season Man United Vs FC Porto N 3 - 1
05 Pre-season Man United Vs Ajax N 1 - 0
12 Pre-season Man United Vs Seville H 3 - 0
20 FA Premier League Man United Vs Fulham H 5 - 1
23 FA Premier League Man United Vs Charlton A 3 - 0
26 FA Premier League Man United Vs Watford A 2 - 1
September 2006
09 FA Premier League Man United Vs Tottenham H 1 - 0
13 UEFA Champions League Man United Vs Celtic H 3 - 2

So there, we played some teams in different continents and a few smaller teams, then ending with top quality opponents and just look how well we started! Sounds like we will be doing a similar kind of fixture list next summer. Maybe its been planned that way intentionally based on the 06/07 early season success. Hopefully it will have similar results :D

Just as long as we don't end up with someone being sent off
and end up being suspended for the start of the season.

I think its stupid that a pre-season sending off counts
for competitive matches anyway. :frown:

sorry id rather talk about the present were going for all trophys and were talking about flipin pre season
Well talk about it in the hundreds of other relative threads then, no-one forced you to open this thread, read it and post in it.
Members a free to post and talk about anything United in the Man Utd Chat forum mate.

All round nice guy
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shut up chrizutd. looks like a tough pre-season, which can only be a good thing. Agreed Richie, it's likely this was planned for that reason, considering our slow starts to the last 2 seasons in which I don't remember us having a particularly difficult pre-season.
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