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Silverware - Our 18th top flight trophy?
As another member has pointed out, Manchester United will be able to win a lot of trophies in the next 12 months. Clearly, our defence of the Premier League and Champions League titles will be of utmost importance with another domestic title putting us on par with Liverpool’s long-standing record of 18 top flight trophies, but every piece of Silverware is a welcome addition to the trophy cabinet(s) and means an extra entry in Man Utd’s Wikipedia page. :)

Ian Rush had best ring John Terry for his left over boxes of Kleenex!

Retaining the UEFA Champions League will be a HUGE challenge. Something only a handful of clubs have achieved, including Nottingham Forest! If Sir Alex can mastermind back to back doubles, it will surely be considered one of the biggest achievements in club football history!

Trophies that are up for grabs:
Fifa World Club Cup
UEFA Super Cup
Community Shield
UEFA Champions League
Barclays Premier League
Carling Cup
FA Cup

Player Transfers
New Signings?
One of the most debated topics on the forum. Will we break the bank for a star signing or will we take a more sensible approach in lieu of our delicate financial situation?

In addition, United fans have not been able to agree on the positions that should be “restocked” by Fergie, so it will be interesting to see how our predictions will fare in comparison to the eventual outcome.

Benzema, Huntelaar, Alves or Fabiano? Whoever Fergie signs will be a breath of fresh air and the fans will eagerly anticipate every rumour and appearance of the newcomer(s).

Who will be leaving?

As with any big club, it is inevitable to avoid player departures – wanted on unwanted.
Will we be in for any shocks or will we see the manifestation of rumours that have already started to surface?
Players that the media is anticipating to leave:

Last, but not least, will Ronaldo stay, or will he go?

Who SHOULD be leaving?
- Dong, Pique, Fletcher, Saha

Crooney will give me an earful, but I believe it might be time for Fletcher to get some regular football. He will have a big decision to make this summer – stay on and be a bit-part player for the reigning England and European champs or make his name at a club where he can be a first team player. Is Scotland’s vice-captain willing to be a squad player?

Euro 2008 – will the tournament throw up any potential stars?
Football fans around the world will be heaving a huge sigh of relief as they will be able to partially satisfy their appetite for football with this summer’s EURO 2008 competition.

Many of Europe’s brightest stars will be on display and it is a brilliant opportunity for rising stars to confirm their reputations and for lesser known players to show their ability in Europe’s biggest shop window.

Will Fergie spot the next Solskjaer or will he sign another Poborsky?

Interesting player battles:​
Established players will be looking to keep their spot in the starting line-up while the newer players will be vying to be amongst the first eleven.

Foster – Will he usurp VDS?

Some fans have already called for reinforcements in the goalkeeping department.
With Heaton going out on a season long loan to Cardiff, it will be interesting to see if Kuszczak will follow suite or f he can give Ben Foster some competition to replace Edwin van der Sar as United’s custodian.

Gazza and Brown - The battle for right back
Our club captain has supposedly been fit for the past 8 weeks, but has been kept out of the squad by Wes Brown’s good form. (Never thought I’d ever writ or say that).
Will Wes keep his place or will Fergie make good on his statement that Gary will start at right back next season?

Another point consider, if Evans and Pique are still around next season, will they be able to get some games while the Vidic and Ferdinand partnership reign supreme?

The rise of Nani and Anderson?
Boy, have the made a statement of intent in their debut season.
Anderson has been a revelation. Nani has made some very important contributions and while he still tries to hard to be like his hero Ronaldo, I have no problem if he turns out to be just as good. The red card against Wigan might have been a good wake up call for him and I cannot wait to see how Anderson and him progress next season.

Anderson has an amazing temperament and I have very big hopes for him. We all know what he can do to Fabregas. Will he be able to do that to the rest of our opponents?

Hargreaves – what is his best position and is he a future captain in the making?
Originally bought as a defensive midfielder, his ability on the right has been a very pleasant surprise. In truth, his ability to rule on the right has been more impressive than his displays in the middle of the pitch. His crosses have been sorely missed at Man Utd, so I wonder if we will see him boss the centre of the park like he did at Bayern or if he will continue to be a victim of his own versatility.

In addition, I think Owen Hargreaves has the temperament to be a great on-field leader. The debates have already been raging who our club captain should be for next season and Rio seems to get a lot of fans’ nods, but I think that Hargo might have a good chance of the captaincy or co-captaincy, if he has a solid season in 08/09.

Ronaldo – will he start BEHAVING like the world’s best player?
Brilliant players can be very eccentric, but I’m getting very tired of Ronaldo’s antics and I would be so happy for him, if he starts behaving like the world’s best player, since he already plays like the world’s best. A positive shift in his mindset will probably take him to yet another level and if it happens, the world had better watch out. And Real Madrid had better be prepared to write a fatter cheque!

Tevez – Will he suffer from sophomore season syndrome?

Manucho and THE OTHER new striker
The highly anticipated arrival of Manucho and an additional striker will be a welcome boost to the attacking department. Will they flop or come out on top?

Rooney – Will Fergie figure out his best position and will he stop missing those sitters?

Young ‘uns
Simpson, Pique, Eagles, Campbell and Evans – Will they get a look in?
Wellbeck and Posseborn – younger, but possibly more talented, can they leap frog the above-mentioned?

*Edit - So, Pique has already left, giving even more chances for Jonny Evans to prove himself next season. I realy hope Fergie will give himse some chances and that he will take those chances.

Also, as of the 6th of July, Frazier Campbell has still not been sold and i wonder if he will be loaned out to Hull or if he will stay at United for back up.

It’s been a while since some academy players rose through the ranks and established themselves as first team players. Some 15 years, if I am not mistaken.
Will Fergie give them the chance and if so, will they step up?

It is very satisfying as a fan to watch young guns rise from obscurity to stardom and I really wish it for our academy players. It would increase the academy’s reputation and save the club lots of money.

The captaincy
Who will be wearing the captain's armband next season?
Will Gary Neville still be the club captain even though his fitness and form are big question marks?
Will Fergie decide to bestow the captaincy upon a younger fitter general like Rio Ferdinand?
Sir Alex has already stated that he will 'phase out' Scholes and Giggs and I doubt that Giggs will even be co-captain next season.
Maybe there will be a compromise, whereby Gazza and Rio are co-captains.

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manutd004 said:
Fantastic post RFR ;)

- Thanks, mate!

Couple of points to make;

Agree with everything.

I disagree with you there. I think Fletcher should stay, and is a very good player for us. Quick point though, Fletcher is not Scotland captain :p

- Thanks for pointing out that he is not the captain. I remembered him captaining Scotland on one occasion and according to Wikipedia he's the vice captain.

I see some mprovement in Fletcher's play, but he's still not going to be starting at United on a regular basis and I think he knows this. Fletcher leaving would give him more games and some of the younger players more chances of getting games.

In a way, I hope we don't sign a player who has a good Euro 2008. I would hope that we would only sign a player after a lot of scouting or knowledge of the player, and not just base it on Euro 2008. Also, the price is vastly inflated after a good tournament.

- that's very true. Prices do go up after a major tourament, but it also gives the scouts an opportunity to run the rule over lesser known players in several games within a relatively small space of time and without having to travel much.

All good points, and I would love to see Pique play, and for Pique and Evans to be given first-team opportunities where possible. Though I think Pique will leave and I'm not sure about Evans.

- I think Pique could play in a lot other clubs' first team and Barca wanting him should be a definite indication of their faith in his ability. Quieroz has said he didn't make the most of his opportunities, but I feel that we didn't give him as many as he deserved. After his mistake against Bolotn, which allowed Anelka to score, he was basically frozen out of the first team and i feel that it sends the wrong signals. A few games would have sufficed before allowing him to redeem himself, but it didn't happen. I won't blame him, if he leaves.

I totally agree. I admire Hargreaves and I do think he would make a good captain, but imo Rio should be permanent captain, with Hargreaves maybe creeping in as co-captain, but only after next season.

- If he has a good season next 08/09 I think he has a good chance to be the vice-captain after Rio.

No doubt he is the best in the world, but his antics do annoy me and are at times embarrassing. And also, if he stops with the antics, he can shut up the doubters and critics for good.

In all honesty, I'm more excited to see Manucho play for us than any potential signing. I think hes gonna be incredible.
- Me too, i've only seen one whole match with him and other than that only the clips on the net, but I have a very strong feeling about this guy.

scott 4 evra said:
All very interesting Red Force. I have no clue if he will go with Gazza or Brown but based on this season I'd choose Brown.

I don't wanna get rid of Flecther though, if Hargreaves continues to shine on the right maybe we need Flecther in the middle. Fletch plays excellent in a lot of the big games.

I don't think Van der Saar should be dropped at all and until I see dramatic fall in his form, he should play for me.

- I'm not being anti VDS and I fully acknowledge that he saved the pen that made us Euro champs, but I have sen a decline in his play this season. It's actually quite obvious, especially after he broke his nose.

Next season will definitely be his last and I'm saying right now that i would be very, very surprised, if Ben foster is fit and not the first choice by January/

I just hope we find a good target man cause it's the only thing we are missing imo. An interesting dilemna if we do get a big target man do we play Rooney or Tevez behind him?

- great point and I'm glad that it is going to be Fergie's headache, not mine! :)
Still, I feel we need another striker besides Manucho, because I think he's great, but he's still a bit of an unknown quantity. So unless we can get Benzema, I would prefer a sensible target man. No need to break the bank.

dckyfoxes said:
RFR great post...

- thanks, mate

First question, who should be leaving? To be frank here... Dong, Pique, Fletcher, Saha, O'shea, Campbell and Silvestre, these are all the players that we can cash in for... think about it, more money for the transfer market to strengtern the club Keep in mind that we are no Chel***** who has Sugar Daddy Roman... Many clubs will be trying to stop us from doing a hat trick for the BPL... So in last, to - retain the title, sacrifices have to be made!!!

Couldn;t agree more, a few departures would free up some spots for the younger players and generate some cash.

A player who performed during Euro does not make him a star player... We have seen many who fade in and out during stages of their game. Who need scout if all you need to do is to sign star players??? And most importantly, I guess the star player of the tournament will be our player Ronaldo...

Goalies is my first piorities at the moment... We had our fair share of humilations after the departure of Peter...

- Believe it or not, this might be an archile's heel for us. I do not see how we can prevail against the top teams with VDS next season. The signs of ageing have been there. A lot is riding on Foster's avility and I have full faith in him. I hop Fergie tries to let Foster play as much as possible early on in the season, so if it turns out he;s not that great for us, we could still purchase someone in the January transfer windo. Hugo Lloris would be a fantastic capture.

Brown deserved to keep his place... Although I would rather see Hargreaves playing in that position. At the moment Gary still the captain of the team, will have to see his progress before making any statement...

Hargreaves flexibilty gives Ferguson many options in playing him... As long as he performs in the positions that he is going to be assigned, who cares where he play...

- I think Hargreaves should start at right back and I make no apologies for that statement. Faster, better and more skilled than Neville nor Brown. If not next season than latest by 09/10.

Manucho!!! Can't wait to see him play...

- Same....the guy is an aerial threat and can score screamers. Looks strong and fast. yummy!

At the moment, he is the best in the world but one area for improvement, stop sitting on the pitch complaining about your fouls...

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versa said:
Could not help it but to congratulate RFR for another great thread. :)

You must have covered all grounds for looking forward to next season with United. Besides the managerial-merry-go-round thread, this must be another thread that can keep us occupied in the pre-season. :D

Will definitely visit this thread again to do more thoughtful posting.

Let's see who's in, who's out first.;)

thanks for appreciating the post! :)

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Jazz 16 said:
Great post RFR, Not sure what I can add to it or say......
So for once Ill keep it short and sweet.
Top post and keep 'em coming.

Thanks, Jazz!

You were the first person to pay me a compliment on this site and I still blush every time you do.
*wipes a tear away* :)

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TheManc said:
well obviously we are faviorites to win the Premiership, we will be ONE of the faviorites for the CL, though that has a lot of luck involved, the FA cup could be interesting, especially after the fact that all the 'bog 4' didn't win it, espeically for us, I think going out of the FA cup really hurt us this/last season, so we will really want to win it. The League cup, i have no clue, it depends on how serious Fergie takes it, the Super Cup, we have a great chance so we should win, the World Club Championships i have no clue because i only watch BOCA occasionally, if at all so I don't know what the standard is there, the Community shield, i think losing in the FA cup will spur us on to win this one.

So basically:

great chance:

Super Cup
Community Shield

Good chance:

World Club Championship
FA Cup
League Cup


Champions League

I was under the impression that we will not be involved in next season's community shield, because of our commitments in the Super Cup and World Club Championship, so are we or are we not play int he CS?

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Stephen said:
Charity Shield against Portsmouth at Wembley on the 10th of August.

Why would we not play in the Charity Shield? It's always the cup winners against the league winners. Why would that change once we've won a bit more.

Super Cup determines the best in Europe, and the world is obviously best in the world.

We're not going to duff one off for the other.

There's a first trip to Wembley for some ffs ;) :D

Because in 99 after we won the treble, we went to (i think) South Africa and played in the World Club Cup and didn't play in the charity shield, if my memory serves me correctly.

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burnzy1987 said:
are you not confusing this with dropping out of the fa cup the season after the treble to go to the world club championships in brazil...??
Ah..... yes. I think you're right.

Thanks for the clarification guys!

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I've edited the original post to reflect the community shield and the fact that Gerrard Pique has been sold. basically just to bump this thread :)
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