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RedForceRising said:
Silverware - Our 18th top flight trophy?
As another member has pointed out, Manchester United will be able to win a lot of trophies in the next 12 months. Clearly, our defence of the Premier League and Champions League titles will be of utmost importance with another domestic title putting us on par with Liverpool¡¦s long-standing record of 18 top flight trophies, but every piece of Silverware is a welcome addition to the trophy cabinet(s) and means an extra entry in Man Utd¡¦s Wikipedia page. ƒº

Ian Rush, best ring John Terry for his left over boxes of Kleenex!

Retaining the UEFA Champions League will be a HUGE challenge. Something only a handful of clubs have achieved, including Nottingham Forest! If Sir Alex can mastermind back to back doubles, it will surely be considered one of the biggest achievements in club football history!

Who SHOULD be leaving?
- Dong, Pique, Fletcher, Saha

Crooney will give me an earful, but I believe it might be time for Fletcher to get some regular football. He will have a big decision to make this summer ¡V stay on and be a bit-part player for the reigning England and European champs or make his name at a club where he can be a first team player. Is Scotland¡¦s captain willing to be a squad player?

Euro 2008 ¡V will the tournament throw up any potential stars?
Football fans around the world will be heaving a huge sigh of relief as they will be able to partially satisfy their appetite for football with this summer¡¦s EURO 2008 competition.

Many of Europe¡¦s brightest stars will be on display and it is a brilliant opportunity for rising stars to confirm their reputations and for lesser known players to show their ability in Europe¡¦s biggest shop window.

Will Fergie spot the next Solskjaer or will he sign another Poborsky?

Interesting player battles:​
Established players will be looking to keep their spot in the starting line-up while the newer players will be vying to be amongst the first eleven.

Foster ¡V Will he usurp VDS?

Gazza and Brown - The battle for right back
Our club captain has supposedly been fit for the past 8 weeks, but has been kept out of the squad by Wes Brown¡¦s good form. (Never thought I¡¦d ever writ or say that).
Will Wes keep his place or will Fergie make good on his statement that Gary will start at right back next season?

Another point consider, if Evans and Pique are still around next season, will they be able to get some games while the Vidic and Ferdinand partnership reign supreme?

Hargreaves ¡V what is his best position and is he a future captain in the making?
Originally bought as a defensive midfielder, his ability on the right has been a very pleasant surprise. In truth, his ability to rule on the right have been more impressive than his displays in the middle of the pitch. His crosses have been sorely missed at Man Utd, so I wonder if we will see him boss the centre of the park like he did at Bayern or if he will continue to be a victim of his own versatility.

In addition, I think Owen Hargreaves has the temperament to be a great on-field leader. The debates have already been raging who our club captain should be for next season and Rio seems to get a lot of fans¡¦ nods, but I think that Hargo might have a good chance of the captaincy or co-captaincy, if he has a solid season in 08/09.

Ronaldo ¡V will he start BEHAVING like the world¡¦s best player?
Brilliant players can be very eccentric, but I¡¦m getting very tired of Ronaldo¡¦s antics and I would be so happy for him, if he starts behaving like the world¡¦s best player, since he already plays like the world¡¦s best. A positive shift in his mindset will probably take him to yet another level and if it happens, the world had better watch out. And Real Madrid had better be prepared to write a fatter cheque!

The highly anticipated arrival of Manucho
Fantastic post RFR ;)

Couple of points to make;

Agree with everything.

I disagree with you there. I think Fletcher should stay, and is a very good player for us. Quick point though, Fletcher is not Scotland captain :p

In a way, I hope we don't sign a player who has a good Euro 2008. I would hope that we would only sign a player after a lot of scouting or knowledge of the player, and not just base it on Euro 2008. Also, the price is vastly inflated after a good tournament.

All good points, and I would love to see Pique play, and for Pique and Evans to be given first-team opportunities where possible. Though I think Pique will leave and I'm not sure about Evans.

I totally agree. I admire Hargreaves and I do think he would make a good captain, but imo Rio should be permanent captain, with Hargreaves maybe creeping in as co-captain, but only after next season.

No doubt he is the best in the world, but his antics do annoy me and are at times embarrassing. And also, if he stops with the antics, he can shut up the doubters and critics for good.

In all honesty, I'm more excited to see Manucho play for us than any potential signing. I think hes gonna be incredible.
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