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well obviously we are faviorites to win the Premiership, we will be ONE of the faviorites for the CL, though that has a lot of luck involved, the FA cup could be interesting, especially after the fact that all the 'bog 4' didn't win it, espeically for us, I think going out of the FA cup really hurt us this/last season, so we will really want to win it. The League cup, i have no clue, it depends on how serious Fergie takes it, the Super Cup, we have a great chance so we should win, the World Club Championships i have no clue because i only watch BOCA occasionally, if at all so I don't know what the standard is there, the Community shield, i think losing in the FA cup will spur us on to win this one.

So basically:

great chance:

Super Cup
Community Shield

Good chance:

World Club Championship
FA Cup
League Cup


Champions League
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