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united to sign Haestad

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Manchester United have had scouts following "Doffen" Hæstad for several months, scouts were watching the national team friendly between Norway and Brazil. Sir Alex Ferguson is reported to be very impressed with his performance, the young norwegian is known for his short stature and hard tackles on the pitch, generally a no-nonsense guy, all in all very similar to italian midfielder Gattuso.

Mr.Joe Corcoran attended yesterdays match between Start and Drogheda, he was quoted on saying that "although the interest is at an early stage, we are most definetly interested". "Doffen" has been a target for United for some time now, it appears that with the Hargreaves saga, Ferguson has decided to move in on Hæstad much earlier than he had intended, this in an attempt to cover the midfield. With Bayern not budging, it´s very likely that "Doffen" will be our next midfielder signing.


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I was about to post the same article, and I have to say; this would be awesome. The engine on this guy is fantastic, and he would play with heart as he is a hardcore United-fan. He would be a fantastic signing for anything under £10m. People at Old Trafford would really love this guy.
But in norwegian press today it says blackburn are close to signing him. :(
Haestad is a United fan by heart. He's once been quoted that he'd play for United for free, as he loves the club. As a member of the Supporters Club in Norway, and Shareholders United, he'll choose us over any other club in the world. No doubt.

And if United decide not to move on him, then at least he'll be able to prove himself at a higher level. Gamst Pedersen is also a United fan, and he is very eager to get Haestad to Blackburn. Solskjaer would def. recommend him to SAF anyway, as he has earlier said that Haestad is the most exciting talent in norwegian football at this time.

Hunter: The source is Haestads hometown-paper. A journalist talked to the groundsman for the away-team at IK Start (Haestad's club) UEFA qualifier. And he could confirm that 3-4 major english clubs would come to check him out. Later, the journalist had an interview with United's scout. And he confirmed that he was in Ireland to watch Haestad only.

This could turn out quite exciting. A move would be awesome, for both parts.
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United are looking at the guy!....NOT signing him...!?!
there's no time to sign anybody.....
Haestad has also been quoted as saying that he doesn't feel he's ready to play for United at this time.
haestad is being norwegian...falsely humble its just cultural. i think he's ready. i've seen him play a couple of matches in the scandic Royal League. needs a bit more discipline but would be a great addition.
Right sight better than Aldo Duscher! God I hope that rumour isn't true!
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