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"Alan Smith has gone from Leeds United to Manchester United and recently to Newcastle United," as I'm sure you are all aware of.

Has anybody played for more Uniteds than Smith?


A number of players have represented four Uniteds.......

Including Peter Beardsley (Carlisle, Manchester, Newcastle and Hartlepool),

Trevor Benjamin (Boston, Peterborough, Cambridge and Hereford),

Leon Constantine (Peterborough, Southend, Torquay and Leeds)

Alan Foggon (Newcastle, Manchester, Southend and Hartlepool).

But the winner - and it's not often you could say this about him - is Imre Varadi, who occasionally scored goals for Sheffield, Newcastle, Leeds, Rotherham, Scun thorpe (damn swearing filter) and Oxford United during the 70s and 80s.

If anyone can beat six Uniteds, let us know .......

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