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Coventry have denied United's request for a price reduction for the forthcoming cup game and further have requested a full allocation of 11k tickets so none will go on sale to United members.
£30/£40 odd quid to see United's reserves. That is going to cause a few ructions.
But what a joke, it was United that initiated this cup ticket scheme, now they are going to have the front to blame Coventry for the prices even though they are raking in the profit, you couldn`t make it up.
Although why would Coventry agree to a price reduction? They know about the ACS so they know that there's a guaranteed income from 50,000+ seats. Good business sense - something oft quoted to me by defenders of the current regime. The chickens are roosting now...

New update on this.

As i was saying..

Protest organised


Protest against the increase in ticket prices once more and the now compulsary automatic cup scheme.

Organised for 23rd September, before the Chelsea game. Meeting at 2pm.

Meeting point at Victoria Park, Stretford followed by a march down to Old Trafford, ending on the forecourt.

Full permission from Greater Manchester Police and Ambulances.

If you're going the game (or even if you're not) get down there and let's show Gill and co that we will not keep rolling over and keep coughing up more and more money.

This could well be big with your support, so please let's rally our troops and show them we're no muppets.

Further details to follow closer to the time.
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