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United v Milan CLSF 1st Leg

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United team look like a 4-4-3 with Giggs, Rooney and Ronaldo up front. O'Shea, Brown, Heinze and Evra make up the back four.

Wayne Rooney had shot on 4.30 minutes,

1-0 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heinze!! No! Its Ronaldo's goal!!!

Less than 5 minutes!!!
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It was a Ronaldo goal, thats official. But it does not matter now as Kaka has given Milan a half time 2-1 lead.

I am very disappointed in the first half. The defence is being ripped apart, the referee is bloody awful and only Ronaldo is posing even half a threat.

I was going to have all my money on a Milan win as I thought it was all to obvious, but the betting closed 15 minutes too early.

It will need a miracle now to turn this around and I cannot see this present eleven doing it.
Innuendo said:

This should have gone into the game thread.
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