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MEN ratings

Van der Sar: Bentley had him at full stretch early on, then wound back the clock to deny Lennon and Pavlyuchenko before the break 8

Rafael: Charged with looking after Lennon, the Brazilian rarely looked troubled 7

Ferdinand: Got away with it when Modric ghosted past him in the first half but failed to find the target with a flying header 7

Vidic: Commanding as ever in the air. Might been the hero for a second week running when presented with second half chance 8

O'Shea: The ultimate utility man coped well with the task of keeping Bentley quiet 7

Ronaldo: Unfortunate to have a goal disallowed for handball, but could have been in trouble for his kick out in the second half 7

Carrick: On a day when the passing in general was sloppy even he struggled to find his range 7

Fletcher: Kept things ticking along in midfield. Worked well to limit service to Spurs' front men 7

Park: All the usual endeavour. Shows how highly Ferguson rates the South Korean that he opted for him in favour of Giggs or Nani. Twice came close to finding the net 7

Tevez: Enjoying back to back starts, but rarely looked like scoring after one first half chance 6

Berbatov: Roundly jeered every time he touched the ball, but you'd be hard pushed to tell if anything bothered the Bulgarian. Still far from his best 6

Giggs (for Tevez 69) - Forced late save from Gomez but couldn't inspire a goal. 5

Scholes (for Fletcher 69) - Good to see him back but had no impact. 5

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Haven't seen the game in full yet, so I'll leave my ratings for a while yet.

Ronaldo: Unfortunate to have a goal disallowed for handball, but could have been in trouble for his kick out in the second half 7
...Will be interesting to see.

I saw the first 15/20 minutes of the game...VDS made a good save, and we hardly
attacked...from what I saw, and then hearing the score, I feel that it was yet
another lacklustre, no show from us, although I did hear that Gomes plaed very
well for them, and Berbatov had a great chance in the second half...

....Oi, the disappointment!!

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red dave said:
go back to your basketball !!:mad:


only jokin matey:p

he wasnt that bad:cool:
Yes he really was that bad. He gave the ball away, made stupid fouls, stopped defending to bitch about an offside call, which could have cost a goal. To be fair, Vidic wasn't much better, and nobody really stood out to me. I ended up giving Van Der Sar motm.

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Vds- 7 coped competently with everything spurs threw at him. Seems back to his best after a dodgy period from the start of the season.

rafael- 6 Not his best game as kept giving the ball away but still ok imo . He will learn from this.

vidic-8 My MOM. Consistent as ever. the best centre half in the world as his overall game not just defending but he is an excellent passer and a goal threat at the other end.

Ferdinand-7 Happy enough with rio. Dealt well with the spurs offense . Unlike others he hasnt lost that hunger from last season.

O'Shea-6.5 Handled bentley well enough but a good cover at best at left full. I think we really missed Evra and I pray that 4 match ban can be reduced as the song Johnny is marching down the wing has lost its lustre.

Ronaldo-7 I thought he gave a more honest performance than of late. Perhaps he realises that fergie will not stand for his diva behaviour he has shown too often. That petulant kick aside I thought he was our biggest threat and was unlucky with the disallowed goal but in fairness we can have no complaints

Carrick-6 Despite all the rave reviews of late I am still not convinced against a quality side like spurs that our resident geordie has what it takes. His passing was off colour and was sympomatic of our performance-plent of possession no penetration

Fletcher 6-as honest as the day is long but I could not believe Anderson or scholes werent in the team as this game was made for them especially with rooney missing. The scot may be good enough for the carling cup but Spurs away - no chance

Park-7 Ditto about fletcher althoughdid provide the odd sparkle with a couple of shots at goal.

Berbatov-5 in a word awful. I have witnessed too many lazy and uninspiring performances for this bloke to justify starting in our team. I was one of his biggest fans when he was at spurs and was a real test of temperament how he performed today against his former teammates.He failed miserably and Fergie really has no choice but to get the hairdryer out as we are going backwwards playing this expensive luxury:mad:

Tevez-7 i thought tevez did reasonably ok although the telepathy with berbatov is non existent. Thought he was unlucky to be taken off and feel he is like keane at liverpool the fall guy when others are more culpable

Subs scholes and giggs didnt really have much of an impact but in fairness they couldnt do much in 20 minutes .i was crying out for the ginger price to be introduced at half time but it wasnt to be
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