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just hope we do not end up like city arabic owned , give me the glazers anyday compared to a sheikhs little hobby and past time

i have to completely disagree with you.
I'm not quite sure how it works but i have done a bit of reading on this (and normally confuses me more:eek:) but im sure in a few years we will have to make big lump sum payments....(such as £12 million, then another £12-13 million a year or two down the line)
Where is that type of capital going to come from?!(selling players??!?)

I'd bite the arabs hands of if they wanted to buy united, just for the fact of a secure financial future. In my opinion the arabs have been IDEAL owners in the sense they have given sparky any money he needs and left him, and city on a whole to run the club in they way they see fit.

Alot of fans dont realise the danger OUR football club could be in.
Do a search ( even just on these forums) and have a read......
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