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Uniteds official Scotland XI

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Cant help myself but i go on the United tour of OT every year (just realised how sad i am) anyway i noticed an official list of Uniteds past players to make up a Scotland XI.

1. Leighton 2. Houston 3. Albiston 4. Crerand 5. Mcqueen

6. Buchan 7. Strachan 8. Mccalliog 9. Mcclair 10. Law

11. Morgan Subs: Goram, Forsyth, Holton, Graham, Macari, Jordan.

Manager: Who else butt Sir Matt.

We have had some fantastic Scottish players havent we.
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How could you leave Lou Macari out of the starting XI? tut tut. Otherwise that's one hell of a team.
"Scotland players have helped make Manchester United, the club they are today" - Mandy Henry (MUTV)
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