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Wazza1989 said:
when is Fergie gonna' realise that keeper is no good...:(...he is a dida similar player he makes a lot of errors:(..some of them realy stupid...if he doesn't want Foster...than buy another goalkeeper after Edwin retires...we can't rely on Tomasz
He's only done one mistake by getting beat at his near post, but I'm sure every keeper has, I like Kuszczak, he's a very talented goalkeeper, do you remember his fantastic save for West Brom and the flying save he did this season when he tipped it over the crossbar? As a keeper myself, I think he's a great keeper, people remember keepers mostly for their mistakes, but we've got to remember that they are only human as we all are. Just because they get paid all that money doesn't turn them into super human footballers.
I was a fan of Fabien Barthez, he's done alot of fantastic saves for us but he's always remembered for his blunders at Arsenal.

I think Foster and Kuszczak will be at United for a long time to come but I really think Foster should go out on loan next season to gain more fitness and experience, but if both of our keepers are injured we should bring Ben back as an emergency replacement.
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