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Uniteds top scorer all comps?

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Who's gonna be United's top scorer this season
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tough to say but i know who will be top assister----Giggssss

gigg s should be PFA 2007/08

look he is top class damn 33 and he is running faster that ashley cole:D
I don't see Giggs starting more than half of the prem fixtures so i don't know about PFA award.

My personal prediction for top scorer is Roo, despite Ron taking all free kicks/pens.
redtilldead said:
Who's gonna be United's top scorer this season
This is the 'Fantasy Betting' thread ......

Why did you post this here ?
Rooney or Tevez (once we finally get him)! Ronaldo will be up there but this is rooney's year!
As long is he doesn't pick up any injuries I think it'll be Rooney.
Rooney 1st. Tevez 2nd. Ronaldo 3rd.

Im very tempted to say each will get over 20 goals :cool:
i think tevez will just pip rooney to finish top scorer:rolleyes: ;)
Nah, VDS is going to have most goals, obviously.

or maybe Rooney - 23
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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