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From the Red News Forum:

"Manchester United Football Club ,despite another successful season, look likely, even if they win the European Cup on Wednesday not to have a victory parade or civic reception in Manchester.

The decision seemingly being that of Manchester & Trafford Council and also the GMP.

As fans we are now sick of this.

Year after year, excuse after excuse from the council whether it be Manchester or Trafford, the GMP or even the club themselves.

We as fans do not get an opportunity to see our hero's come home and show them our appreciation and get to celebrate together as one in Manchester.

We are the only club in the world whose supporters are deprived of this.

The only City in the world whose authorities seem to punish there own.

Several reasons have been given to why there will not be a parade this year.

The biggest reason seemingly being that 100,000 (or 500,000 depending if you live in Glasgow), Scottish football fans who have no relevance or anything to do with our club or city, came down last week on the invitation of Manchester council themselves, who laid on everything from big screens to bars and entertainment, and decided to wreck the city and turn it into a war zone.

No doubt the money outlaid for all this in the first place was paid by from the taxes of the people of Manchester.

Money well spent, its good to see the people of Manchester benefiting from such events hosted by the council!!!!

Hopefully the council raised enough money for the clean up operation, however no doubt Manchester people are now paying for that as well.

We were told by the council and GMP many years ago that a civic reception in Albert Square was out of the question because of safety issues, they were worried of such a big crowd in such a small area.

This is the very same council and Police force who invited and allowed tens of thousands of Glasgow Rangers fans to come and get drunk in the very same Albert Square.

This year more than ever a parade, if we won, would seem apt, as thousands of fans who would have liked to have been there are not able to afford the ridiculous prices to get out to Moscow to see the game.

However this is not looking likely.

Well if the councils and club are not willing to do anything we as supporters are.

We are calling on all Manchester United supporters, if we are lucky enough to beat Chelsea on Wednesday night, to meet on the forecourt of Old Trafford on Thursday night from 7.00pm where at 7.30pm we will start our own parade into town.
We urge all supporters to show what Manchester United means to them.. Bring your scarves, flags, banners and let's party on into town. Bring all the family, mums, dads, kids, granddad, grandma if we win it belongs to us all.

Manchester United is our club and despite what our bitter neighbours want to say Manchester is our city.

Let's show both Trafford and Manchester council's that they will not dictate to us on whether we can or can't have a parade in our own city, because they can't be bothered organising one or because they have been left with egg on their face after last weeks farce."

Spread the word.

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Brilliant thread. The parade is a great idea. I don't see why Manchester United cannot just rent an open top bus and parade around the city anyway. Why do you need permission from the council for such an event? Boris Johnson has promised London a huge party is Chelsea win and a huge parade!

It's up on every forum i know.
Every reply is " I'll be there".

If it's anything like the scenes in Manchester tonight
there will be thousands there.
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