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In the last few days, things have begun to boil over in terms of matters off the pitch. Firstly on Sunday morning, the news regarding Tevez and United not being the place where he sees his future. Then during the City match, Ronaldo's taken off and throws an absolute tantrum, immediately casting doubt over his relationship with Fergie. And we know that an unhappy Ronaldo means poor performances, see his performances during the first half of the season. It took him a full 4-5 months to realise his dream wouldn't come true and that in fact, Old Trafford was the perfect stage to showcase his talents as the best player in the world. The next two days sees a media frenzy concocting stories and conspiring against United, insisting that Ronaldo has already signed for Real and Tevez is about to sign for Liverpool (not questioning the legitimacy of this one). There has also been one or too murmurings over the past week regards Nemanja's happiness at the club?

So, is the club really as unstable as the press are trying to make us look? I don't think so, but they are making a fairly good hand at it with all this negative publicity.

Overall, the main problem with these "instabilities", is in my opinion the fact that we have four vital games remaining this season, all of which hold high high significance... So, I hope all these stories regarding unsettled players are ******** and we see out this season as champions of Europe and England again.

So, do ye guys reckon there is unrest in the camp, or is it indeed the usual ABU plotting by the English media?
That's how the press earns money, and let's face it, success means getting more attention and the media loves that. So I think the situation is much less complicated than what the press shows you.
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