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First of all, to say that fergie is unsackable is a wrong way to put it in. during the three yrs between 2003 and 2006, we had won nothing but a league cup and fa cup, but was fergie under real pressure from the supporters to step down? i dun think so, maybe he was under more pressure than ever to deliver more trophies to the club, but never the pressure of being sacked, because we all have faith in him, after all, he is what the modern Manchester United is all about. we believe he has the ability to come back and win the league for man utd, for the supporters again. we also believe he will only do what would benefit the club and when the time is right for him, and when he does not think he can provide anymore to the club again, we believe he would do the right thing.

i definitely think that the club is far bigger than fergie himself, but i also think that there is nobody in the club who is bigger than fergie. the respect he gained over 20 years in man utd means that he has the authority in the club to affect everyone, every decisions made by the club. it may sounds like dictatorship, but the only reason this dictatorship has been working for 20 years is that we have the right man doing the job.

If everything went wrong this and the following season, i still believe that fergie has what it takes to take the club back to where it should be. but again, the only person who has the power to make fergie quit is himself.

When the day comes when fergie called it a day, it would be a sad sad day for utd, everyone who is connected to the club. at the current present, there is no one able to replace him.

If there were ever a Special One, fergie would the one.
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