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Alex would/will never be sacked by United, simply because of the adoration the
fans and players alike have for the great Scotsman. Argueably, Manchester United
would be no where near, where they are noe had that man been sacked when
he went his frst seven seasons winning nothing at all. In fact almost every United
fan believes that he was one defeat away from it once.

I couldn't imagine the board sacking him, fior a number of reasons.

  • He is the figure head of United
  • Everybody loves him
  • How likely is it he'll go on a terrible loosing streak?
  • The club owes him, not the other way

If, he ever did have a barren run, he still wouldn't be sacked, if anything he'd

So th answer the above question, yes, I think Fergie is the only un-sackable
manager in football.
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