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here is a funny article i found on the sun. it will definetely help madrid in terms of there pace

USAIN BOLT - the fastest man on the planet - is to train with Real Madrid in a bid to improve the pace of their players.
Jamaican Bolt took the Olympic Games by storm last month winning three golds and setting three world records including a staggering 9.69secs for the 100m.

Now Bolt has accepted an invitation to train with the likes of Raul and Ruud Van Nistelrooy at the Spanish giants.

He said: “They have invited me to train with them. I'll definitely go. I think Raul and Van Nistelrooy are some of the best goalscorers ever. I've watched Van Nistelrooy from when he was with Manchester United so I know he's a great guy.â€

Bolt, 22, who also beat Michael Johnson's 12 year-old world record for the 200m to post 19.30seconds, said: “I don't know how fast I can still go. You can't put a limit on anything. They say anything is possible. I just work hard, do my best and try to stay focused.â€

Last season former Chelsea star Andrei Schevchenko worked with Olympic 4x100m gold medallist Darren Campbell to try and improve his speed at Stamford Bridge.

manutd004 said:
Is it possible to make someone faster? :confused:
Of course. A lot depends on the running technique, i.e. does the person lean forwards or stand up straight whilst running. Everybody is different but if you get the correct posture it will certainly increase your running speed. There's more to it than that obviously but that's jus a small example of a simple thing that can alter your speed.
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