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I had a bet at the start of the season with a friend of mine who is a Wolves fan £50 United would get more points, I know wolves play more game but we got 17 more points than them last season so I thought it was a good bet,

After Wolves flying start a few weeks into the season, I was in my local having a bit of banter with the same friend and after a few beers the bet got doubled, i was not feeling confident to be honest but lately with have been pulling the gap back now we are 10 points behind them and we both have 15 games remaining with wolves only winning 1 in the last 6.

Last night I was taking the piss over Wolves 3 3 draw with norwich and and the stupid dog head friend now wants to double the bet again. I am feeling confident now, but is this just my blind faith in united?Is it a good bet?should I double it to £200?:rolleyes:
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