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Never heard about this. Why doesnt it get much publication? That is sick seeing everyone trying to save the man who is on fire.
R.I.P the 56
You're not on your own mate, so many have never heard about this horrific disaster or seen it even mentioned anywhere.
I think most that were there, the families involved and those who saw the horrific scenes unfold on tv
prefer it that way. Understandable.

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A private message (posted with permission) i recieved on another forum from a Bradford City supporter about this thread.

cibasteve said:
Thanks very much indeed.
I'm struggling today to come to terms with it as I always do.
It's still so vivid in my mind and all the events of that day can be re lived.
I was a firefighter and on the initial attendance to Valley Parade so I actually witnessed things the camera didn't pick up.
I've just organised a wreath for the memorial service and it'll be laid by one of the Shipley Bantams Supporters club which I help run.
Even now I can't bring myself to visit the memorial in the city centre and always keep my distance on these occasions as it's my way of coping.
Thanks for bringing my attention to your website it's always nice to see others do remember and wish to pay their respects.

Also I recall just a few weeks back sitting down to the tele and the Hillsborough story was on.
I tried then to watch it and failed to see the end of the programme.
I've witnessed some pretty horrific things in my time and in a fashion coped with them but i'm terrible now because every disaster just reminds me of the fire.

In a strange way i'm glad it's not splashed all over the media and we can grieve in our own way.

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I had heard of this but didn't know much about it. It's a shame it doesn't get the same amount of coverage as other disasters, as it was certainly as dreadful an event and deserves the same level of respect.

R.I.P and best wishes to the families. :(
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