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We do not need any central midfielders. If anything, I wouldn't mind Fletcher departing and us purchasing David Bentley.

But a midfielder is not a priority, because we are blessed and well-stocked in that department.

Nani - Scholes - Carrick - Ronaldo

Park - Anderson - Hargreaves - Fletcher

Gggs - O'Shea (if need be)

Left back is a position that concerns me much more, but it would be a good opportunity for one of the younger players to step up if Silvestre left.

Truth be told, we do not REQUIRE any new signing. I know that a lot of fans have been screaming for a striker, but to be honest there is no burning need for one.

However, I think it is not the time for Man Utd to rest on its laurels and experiment with unproven strikers like Manucho, Campbell or Wellbeck. Now is the time to build on our success and give Madrid a run for their money.

With AC Milan out of contention, next season is a great opportunity to win back-to-back titles.

The only lack of quality I can perceive is actually upfront and in the goalkeeping department.

If Foster does not turn out the way we hope and VDS plays like he did the last few months, we are going to be in a weak position.
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