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Gabriele Sandri was killed on November 11, 2007, following a shooting at a motorway rest stop in Badia al Pino, near Arezzo.

It was alleged that policeman Luigi Spaccarotella pulled the trigger to stop a scuffle between Lazio and Juventus fans and accidentally shot dead the 28-year-old.

Arezzo prosecutors have today released the computerized video which reconstructs the events leading up to the shooting and Spaccarotella is pictured holding his gun with both hands while aiming at the vehicle of the Laziali supporters.

It is suggested that the bullet hit a metallic fence and then the window of the Renault Scenic, before fatally hitting Sandri.

The clip was made following witnesses' statements and lasts 1 minute and 37 seconds.

Five Lazio fans are seen clashing with three Juventini next to a car in the vicinity of the service area. They suddenly start running and Spaccarotella starts shouting from the opposite rest stop, before firing a warning shot in the air.

Sandri and his friends get in the car and are about to leave the service area when Spaccarotella again pulls the trigger, but the bullet is deflected off the fence, hits the front window of the Scenic and then Sandri, who was sitting in the back seat
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