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After Evra's first couple of months, I wondered if he could cope. He seemed to lightweight and defensively poor for the Premiership (though I remember one great, hard challenge against Sunderland :p)

Vidic, though, I thought would make it with time after his first couple of months. You could see little moments that showed that he could make it, and he was the more likely of the two to make it in the Prem.

However, they have both worked extremely hard, and they have both showed that they are vitally important to us and the way we play, and they both had fantastic consistency levels, in the last two years, but especially last season.

I'm surprised there are no teams who try to tempt us into selling, because they are fantastic players after all. However, I'm glad their isn't, not that their loyalty would be in any question.

They seem to have great loyalty towards us, and seem to be United through and through ;).
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