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I can remember Evra's debut like it was yesterday. With Gabi Heinze only a few months away from being able to play first team football again I was very suprised to see Fergie buying another left back.

Evra's first touch in a United shirt was not a good one and he was caught dwelling on tthe ball. I think it's fair to say Evra's debut was not a sucess in anyone's book.

But fast forward 12 months and Evra is flying high. Patrice had found the form of his life and was keeping Heinze out of the team, a man who won player of the season just tow seasons before. Evra had gone from an unknown to one of the best left backs in the world. A real find at only £5 million.

Vida was very much similar to Evra. His first six months at United weren't the best and he initially wasn't looking a United player. But after his six month 'bedding in' time he as well looked a different player.

At the time he joined Unitednd Wes had a partnership in the centre of our defence that looked solid. But when Vida found his top form and formed a partnership with Rio, United have two centre backs that look formidable. Again only costing United £7 million, SAF found a real bargain in the Serbian centre back.

Also one other thing that has always stuck in my head about Evra and Vidic is this. In the 2006 Carling Cup Final United were 4-0 up and crusing. Ruud van Nistelrooy United's top scorer had been left out of the side in favour of Louis Saha. When the time came to make substitutions, Evra and Vidic were put on the pitch instead of Ruud. At the time I remember thinking to myself why has Fergie not played two new signings who might not be good enough for this club, and left on the bench our top goalscorer. But again fast forward twelve months and RvN is in Spain and Evra and Vidic had formed one half of the meanest defence in England on the way to the title.

SAF you were right again!
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