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Reaching a century of Reds appearances against Newcastle reminded Nemanja Vidic of how far he's come in two-and-a-half years at OT…

It's a great feeling to have played 100 games for this fantastic club. Pat [Patrice Evra] also played his 100th match against Newcastle and we both felt very proud.

We were talking the other day about the time we both joined the club (January 2006). In the beginning things didn't go too well for us - it's funny to look back on that period now. Pat and I have both worked very hard over the last two years or so and playing 100 games is an achievement we're both very happy about. Hopefully we'll play many more games for United.

Things change quickly at a club like this. I was sad to see Mikael Silvestre leave this week and also a little surprised to see him join Arsenal. I think it was a surprise to a lot of people in fact because players leaving a big club like United to join another top team like Arsenal isn't something that happens very often.

I played with Mikael for two and a half years and had a very good relationship with him - he's a good guy and a good player. He didn't play too much last season mainly because he was injured and maybe he felt he wouldn't play as many games this time. I think he still deserves to play at a high level though and I wish him all the best at Arsenal. For us, though, the challenge of winning trophies here continues and we'll be looking for our first win of the season against Portsmouth on Monday.

I have taken this from the official United web site . I cant believe its 100 games for both of them .
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