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Vidic can't understand Fergie either

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Well, well.

It might be The Sun, but there are some direct quoted attributed to Nemanja Vidic saying he can't understand Sir Alex Ferguson. This after the speculative quotes from Gerard Pique.

I wouldn't be surprised to be honest. He speaks in such a monotonous voice and with that Scottish accent. Even I can't understand him unless i crank up the telly.

I can't understand you Fergie

NEMANJA VIDIC admits the foreign players at Manchester United can hardly understand a word Alex Ferguson says.

But he accepts the Old Trafford gaffer must be getting his message across somehow after winning the Premier League 10 times and the Champions League twice.

Serb Vidic could hardly speak a word of English when he joined the club three years ago but is far more confident now.

However, that still doesn't always help him and United's other overseas buys when it comes to those all-important team talks.

Defender Vidic, 27, said: “I had problems at the beginning to understand him well.

“He's been here more than 20 years but he has preserved the thick Scottish accent.

“A lot of players don't catch what he's saying, especially foreign players, but our results confirm he is getting the message across.

“When I came here I didn't speak the language. I mastered it in the dressing room as I was forced.

“What I didn't understand I asked someone to explain to me.â€

Just as well then that Fergie keeps it short and sweet, so it doesn't need too much explanation.

Vidic revealed: “The manager doesn't talk much. He keeps it succinct and to the point.

“We play a lot of games over the course of the season and there's not enough time for lengthy talks and analyses.â€

Vidic knows the most important terms of football.

He said: “I took a course at the beginning of my time here but I gave it up after only two or three lessons.

“But now when I give an interview in English, it's all smooth.

“Questions are always similar and you quickly learn to communicate. Key words are ‘three points', ‘win' and ‘trophies'.

Vidic aims to be saying ‘win' and ‘trophies' for some time to come. The popular centre-back has been the foundation of United's success, alongside Rio Ferdinand, since joining the club from Spartak Moscow in 2006.

United are currently on a run of seven consecutive Premier League clean sheets and have conceded just 22 goals in the 32 games they have played in all competitions this season.

For Vidic it has been a dream year, winning three trophies — with the Club World Cup in Japan added to last season's double. And he has just been voted Serbian Player of the Year for a third time running.

He also became the first Serb to be shortlisted for the coveted Ballon d'Or European Footballer of the Year award.

Vidic said: “I couldn't imagine a better year. We've won three trophies — it will be hard to equal an achievement like that. I think the Japan adventure marked the end of a cycle and a beginning of a new one.

“Great clubs chase silverware every season and I hope there's more to come. Competition for the starting XI is fierce at United and if you want to play you constantly need to prove your point.â€

United are now unbeaten in 14 games and can take a step towards a second piece of silverware this season when they face Derby in the Carling Cup semi-final first leg tonight.

Vidic says the thought of defeat just never enters the heads of the United players.

He added: “I've had the fortune to play for big clubs who can't stand defeats. That is the case with Manchester United.

“We've got used to approaching our job that way and every game comes as a new challenge, regardless of the competition.

"You have to keep improving as a player if you want to be on the team. I've adopted that philosophy because I know only hard work can keep me at the top.â€

Vidic is a hero among the United faithful. They love his no-nonsense defending and his threat from set-pieces. He has nine goals in his United career, most recently the injury-time winner against Sunderland last month.

That sparked wild celebrations from Vidic. He said: “I felt like a huge weight was lifted off my chest.

“We would have dropped valuable points had we drawn. It was a great feeling to share the joy of the capacity Old Trafford. Alex Ferguson and Mike Phelan had told me to move up front into the attack and I was in the right place at the right time.â€

Vidic is admired by fans for his humility which is reflected in a quiet life off the pitch.

The flash attitude of Cristiano Ronaldo and David Beckham towards the end of his United career can often prove a turn-off to the staunch faithful.

But Vidic added: “I haven't noticed any paparazzi lurking in my bushes. They don't show much interest in me as I am a quiet family man.

“Fans are completely different. I have a terrific relationship with them. They intercept me in the street sometimes to take a photo with me or to have me sign an autograph. But they try not to disturb my privacy — and I appreciate that.

“I don't have much free time but when I do I just try to be with my family as much as I can.â€

All the United players had a quiet time this year after the controversy of last year's Christmas party which ended with a false allegation of rape against defender Jonny vans.

Vidic said: “There was a lot of talk about last year's one. We agreed not to organise a party this time round.

“Besides, we are overworked with so many games. The games are our parties — that's where the fun begins.â€
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RedForceRising said:
The games are our parties — that's where the fun begins.â€
What a line.
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