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Vidic-I am not a killer

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Talking for Serbian newspaper,Nemanja Vidic said that he is flerted with new chant wich UTD fans made for him.Also he said that they are going a bit too far saying that he is gonna kill oposite strikers.

It's true that I'v never been scared of harsh play,cos nobody ever died in duel.It's nice when fans respect you because of that.I am very happy for their chant,but I think that the words are too hard,because I don't see myself as a dirty player.I am centerback and my job is to be aggressive,but in private,as you know,I am very calm.I spend my time with my family,I listen Serbian music and I eat great English food.
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Yeah Vida aint no Killer. Not like that Steven Finn"un" from over the scourser way. Murderers over at liverpool i tell ye!
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