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Vidic Injury Discussion

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I for one was wincing in pain when i seen vidic land on his leg tonight . So what do we all think is vidic gonna be alright or is it lookin bad for me i think nemanja is made of tough stuff so to come off means it is a serious injury . So its time for o shea , pique and silvestre to come in and push us on to glory . Give your view on the back line what would be your four man line up if vidic is out for the season?
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I have to admit that it looks pretty bad. Im very worried as he is vital to
our team. At the moment Im not going to tempt fate by picking a replacement
and just hope he recovers. If anyone hears any news post it here.
Fergie said in the post match interview that he hopes it was a nerve,
presuming a nerve got trapped or something in his knee. Lets hope its not the
poxy ligaments.
Dont forget about Neville as an option ;-)
Wes and Rio in the middle or Jonner. Other options include
Pique, Simmo, Silvestre and Hargo at rb.
Why wouldn Neville feature. He played another 90 minutes for the reseerves last
night. He may be a bit rusty but he has got a few games under his belt and he
has ALL the experience and know how. I believe he would be a good option, as
it would be hard to drop Wes, but injuries happen and people get their chances.
My preference would be:

but the options we have are great:

Dont know about you guys but this is great news.
Knee injuries can be the worst type of injury and the fact he
couldnt continue suggested that it was a bad one.
2/3 weeks is nothing in the grand scheme of things.
We have the cover anyway and he will come back in for the
big games against Chelsea and the CL semi/final if we get there.
Well it seems pretty obvious now that Vidic was and will be missed.
I doubt we would have conceded 2 goals today had he been playing.
He would have sorted out a decent header for their 2nd goal.
And with Rio injured now, its looking a nd feeling a bit like last season,
with the key defensive injuries. At least we have guys to come in and others
like Nev and Silvestre coming back into the fold, but are any of them as good
as Rio or Vida? Hell no.......
I hope Rio comes back soon, any update yet?
1 - 7 of 88 Posts
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