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Nemanja Vidic Is My Player Of The Season – Steven Gerrard

The Liverpool skipper has surprised everyone by admitting that he is a huge fan of the United centre-back...

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard has admitted that Manchester United defender Nemanja Vidic won his vote for Footballer of the Year.

Despite impressing for the champions this season, the Serbian defender missed out on individual awards, with team-mate Ryan Giggs scooping the PFA Footballer of the Year honour and Gerrard himself picking up the Football Writers prize.

However, according to the Sunday People, Gerrard reckoned the defender had been hard done by and deserved the plaudits for a sensational season.

“Every time I watch Manchester United, being a Liverpool player, you want them to lose," began the midfielder.

“But Vidic has been a rock.

"He and Rio Ferdinand have been superb and they have saved United so many points this season and, for me, United owe those two big time.”

Gerrard went on to reveal that he had voted for Vidic in the PFA awards and argued that his poor display against Liverpool may have cost him the award.

"Maybe it's been a bit harsh on Vidic,” he added.

“I still voted for him in the PFA awards and, if I'd had a Football Writers' vote, I would have voted for him again, because he has had a magnificent season.

"Possibly, he's been judged because of the incident against us at Old Trafford when he didn't deal with the ball and Fernando [Torres] scored. Maybe that's gone against him for both awards.

“He's still had a great season and it's just unfortunate - but maybe I have to thank Fernando for this award!”

Having watched Vidic and United end Liverpool’s title dreams yesterday, the Reds are back in action this afternoon when they travel to bottom side West Bromwich Albion.


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it's probably some vain attempt to convince himself that he is humble and can concede defeat to one one his rivals. i take it with a pinch of salt. with 22 clean sheets, it was hardly an amazing comment. it also gave him a chance to refer once again to them beating us.
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