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I think like you Jazz that Gary is a great captain. But he's born 1975 and he's been out for a long time and we dont know if he can come back to his best. If he's not coming back we have to pick a new captain. My reflection on boring Rio and Gary was on how the language barrier was so important in the contest between Vidic vs Rio as Akash, babysenorita and yangch0000 were pointing out. Even if you know the language well doesnt make you an ideal captain coz there's more to it then just knowing English. You have to have something interesting to say too.

Havent you heard of players choice of captain? Man, its very common in many other sports and other leagues as well. Maybe not in England. Have you heard of contributory influence? Its not a contradiction to get undermined as manager to let the team have some contributory influence. Trust me. Its more up to what kind of people you have in the squad then the form of working with your players.
And for you all who's wondering about this with the team letting the squad picking the capitain most of the times the manager have the similar view but not always the same first choice.

And finally. When Gary retires he will stay in the club working and since its well-known he has a great tactical knowledge he could be manager for Manchester United in the future.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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