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Vincent Kompant

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Sir Alex should consider strengthening his defence by signing HSV defender Vincent Kompany and add his attack by bringing in Real Madrids Robinho
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I dont think we need another defender now, i think we have a solid and secure defence...and we shouuld keep this consistancy for it to stay stable. also we have loanee's retuning such as pique who will come in for more depth.

Robinho the funny thing about him is every time i see him playing he always looks like he is crying. Also he tries abit too much and cant rele shoot. i dont think he the type of striker we are rele looking out for.
what do you think of Kerlon the uprising Brazilian star?????????
I.R.baboon said:
what do you think of Kerlon the uprising Brazilian star?????????

Is Kerlon the kid that can run around with the ball on his head. It looks well funny but it seems to work. Dont know much else about him though.
kompany is a very solid player now he is 20/21 i dont know exactly and what about when he will be 27? a descent player to play for united, also he can play central defender and right back

robinho is a talented player but for the championship

what about sergio aguerro?
sergio aguerro is a very talented player and I think Sir Alex should consider him other than Torres. He is young and can grow with the rest of the young united squad. Micah Richards to replace Gary Nevile is a good gamble too.
We've just signed Nani and Anderson. We don't need Robinho. Anderson in particular is a very similar player in terms of skill and position.
All the players mentioned are good in there own right and I agree I think with Johnny Evans coming back from his loan spell and possibly Pique our defence will be even more solid than least year.

I think if at all possible, (if there's enough cash left !) we should strive to sign Berbatov. He is a fanstasic player and is that much older than Rooney, Ronaldo, Nani, Anderson and would be an experinced head going forward.
I don't think we need a defense right now. And robinho is not as good as he may show. he's just an ordinary player that paid too much attention by spanish papers. He better not come to manchester.
Berbatov is good but the asking price seems too high.
yeah i think robinho isn't good at all...i mean we haven't seen anything special from him yet, and he's been given more opportunities than alot of other youngsters
if i could choose 1 striker for united to sign it would be messi hes young and very talented!!
dunno about ronbinio hes way over rated
our defence is good as it it
rb. neville
cb. firdinand
cb. vidic
lb. evra
next season wen there all 100% fit they will be unbeatable!!!
If I could pick one striker it would have to be Klaas Jan Huntelaar. He has a fantastic eye for goal and he is young enough to adapt to the way we play. If we don't sign a striker I wont panic to be honest. We have a very highly technical player in Saha, One of the best players in the world in Wayne Rooney, We got the youthful vigour of Rossi, and the passion of Smith. Not that I'd complain if we sign a striker anyway!

Kompany is definitely going to be a great player one day but doubt if he would come to Utd to warm the bench:(
We dont need no more defenders. My opinion is that we need only one more signing and that would be huntelaar.
I.R.Baboon wot a cartoon...! i reckon Kompany would be a good sigining, dunno about Robinho, he's not that strong an flashy brazilians dont seem to crack it in the Prem...
kompany was thought very highly off a few years ago but i dnt think he has really lived up2 the potential. however, pique on the other hand looks 2 b a really good promising player and showed with zaragoza that he can handle spains best 4wards! in my opinion also robinho is over-rated, tries to do the un-expected 2 often and never plays the simple pass!. the kind of player that utd require, needs character, determination, speed to suit the new system and b able to finish-torress, villa, etoo these are the kind of players the top teams in the world look at so why should utd not make a move b4 its 2 late!
if we talk about new signings in defence i think that manu doesn't need any new signings there. The place where another player can arrive is the attack where some players like huntelaar or gudjohnsen would fit in well and i think one of those two would be a good signing
Now there's a name I've not heard in a while... not sure we need a central defender right now but if the football Manager game is anything to go by then we'd better snap him up...
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