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What Is Fergie's Best Ever Team ?

  • 1993/1994

    Votes: 4 9.5%
  • 1998/1999

    Votes: 23 54.8%
  • 2007/2008

    Votes: 15 35.7%
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Below you will find 3 panels telling details of 3
of Fergies best teams he has built.

Then we have a poll added to this thread too.......

I want to know which team YOU think is/was/maybe the best......

Don't be shy - tell us what you think :)

I take a gamble here......

I predict this team has the most strength in all postions......


They have more talent as a whole.......

I also think they could go on to win more than one Champs League too....

So young and so talented !!!

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rydersonthestorm said:
I want to know which seven people voted for a team
that has won nothing and just started coming together compared to the team
that won the double or the team that won the treble. :confused:
I voted for 2007/08 but seems I am the only one to own up :(

I explain why ok.....

I am young of course only 23 years but this means nothing !

I read many, many books - sometimes 1 book in 1 day - but I read many books
about I know history of these guys from 1800s up to now.

Someone else say "maybe they are fans for only 6 months"......well at one point
we were all "fans for only 6 months" don't forget.

I follow United since I was 14 years so 9 years.

They were the biggest brand name in Romania - along with
sorry yes - I only join in for 1998/99 and you call me glory hunter if you wish I
don't mind.

I have as big knowledge as most United fans.

I choose this 2007/08 team not based on what they win obviously !!

I choose them because in my opinion (and Fergie's too :p ) I think they would
beat 99 team and 94 team, !!

What faults does this team have ?


11 clean sheets from 19 games - brilliant defence.

Midfield is awesome......Nani, Anderson and Carrick sit on the bench from time to
time !!!

These guys make it into any team in the Prem easy - but not United !!

And for strikers........well we scoew goals for fun right now and will do all
year.....more than any other United team have managed !!

.........and VDS in goal too......

So goalkeeper, Defence, Midfield, Attack..........where are the faults ?

This year I am convinced they win the Champs League and I se no reason why
not - who can stop us ?

The Premier League will be won too - all the Africans going to the ANC is going to
help and I personally see United making a big gap appear in the top of the
league and winning easy.

FA Cup ?

Well why not ?

Maybe bad luck strikes in the Cup and we dont win this - but we have great
chance for winning this too !!

I predict more than 1 Champs League for this team too.....!!

Confidently !!!

So yes maybe I am young but all I see right now is a team playing for us every
week that is destined for GREATNESS !!!

Not once or twice like the other teams........but greatness on a big scale this
time !!!

I really believe this - and Fergie agrees too - he says they are his best ever !

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Fair play to you Carly, i hear what you are saying and understand where you are coming from in what you say. ( the only one to do so ).

Not bringing an age thing into this ( or trying not to ).

You may have read many books and know every bit of history of United, have lots of knowledge and i know that you do.

Who is more expert ? The person who reads books about childcare and has lots of degrees or a person who has had children and brought them up ?

The team we have at present is great, no one can deny that, but untill they achieve greatness, at the moment they cannot be classed as Uniteds/SAFs greatest team.
Have a look at this page from The Website of Dreams, theres a good reason why it is laid out as it is.

I only mention this age subject because it was brought up this is all.....same with "only being fans for 6 months too".

But for 9 years I learn plenty stuff about this team.....

I don't claim to be good supporter because I dont go to games.....I am good FAN though you know.

I dont ever expect to be part of this "United Family" thing either - I don't have time to go for games week after for me I will always be outsider type of person understand ?

But to have outside views on subjects like who is best team and sometimes things about The Glazers is good for United fans to listen to !!

Yes we don't have same emotion to blur our view and opinion you see.

So this is why I always make my points :)

Now I go to see website you show me........x

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The_Red_Prince said:
i think the 07/08 team can replicate the 98/99 team if they just develop the same qualities that the treble winning side had.
They wont have the same qualities as the 99 team....they are a completely different team with a completely different style of play.....

This is what makes Fergie so great - he not only make many teams but they are all different too........:)

Most people base their ideas for this thread on "trophies won" its surprising to see the 07/08 team so far ahead of the 93/93 team ;)
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