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Look guys,I started this thread is to find out which you think is the best midfield-partnership for United. Share you opinions as to which pair you think will flourish the best.:)

1)Michael Carrick
2)Paul Scholes
4)Owen Hargreaves
5)Darren Fletcher

Personally,I think that my first-choice midfield partnership will be Hargo & Scholesy.
Why? Cos' Hargo with his highly influential "shutdown" presence and hard tackling defensive abilites, is regarded as one of the best central defensive midfielders in the world today.He acts as a protective shield for the back 4 & is able to break up opposition attacks effectively.Along with Scholesy's reputation as being one of the best passers of the ball in the world.Scholes' outstanding vision and an exceptional range of passing is very impressive.
Anderson & Carrick? Well...most probably,I will throw Carrick into the frame.I believe he will rotate with Scholesy & Hargo.Well after all,he is still the most accurate passer in our squad right? As for Anderson...,I think he's a future star in the making! He's still kinda' raw & young,so most probably there's still a lot much more for him to learn.
Well,& definitely nt 4gting Fletch,the captain of Scotland.Unbelievably,he is the best player in the world that we can have that will wait in the pecking order behind 4 other central midfielders. Simple as that. Fergie has once again created something special!:D

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Red Devil said:
Let me know in advance who is going to be the next person to ask this repetitive question and then I can merge the threads into one.
nice to see you posting again RD..........

It has to be Scholes and Hargreaves........creativity and

Like reddwarf said though.......Anderson will eventually replace Scholes and from what I have see of the lad he looks like being a worthy successor.....

I think Hargo still has a lot more to show and has more potential than he is showing atm......

Once he has fully settled in to life in the premier league I expect him to start dominating matches and bullying midfielders.........:)
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