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abojodeh said:
diof or diofe i cant spell him
I hope you don't mean El Hadji Diouf?! :eek:

Arsenal didn't win that game, Bolton threw it away. It was dreadful defending for the first goal, they gave away a penalty for the second and scored an own goal in the last minute!!!

I know against Everton we were lucky with our first two goals but Rooney's winner was superb and so was his pass for Eagles. At one point that day it looked like we would only be ahead of Chelsea on goal difference but we ended it 5 points clear. That's why it was such a huge day in the title race.

Arsenal are still 6 points behind, have only won 2 of their last 10 games in all competitions and play Liverpool and us next in the league. I think their chances of winning the title are over this season.
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