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I post a lot of videos on the forum and many dont get donwloaded.

I want to know how it could be made better :

1. Move the Video forum a bit above. Its way donw there and no one can see new videos.

2. I'll make view links so that people who cant donwload can watch the stuff. I'll provide donwload link if you need more.

3. As soon as matches have finished , I'll post HQ Goals , highlights and extras as view links.

Any more suggestions ?

I need your help.

What videos about United do you love seeing ? :confused:

Fut :)

Futbol, totally agree with you about where the video forum is located at present.
A lot of your great work gets missed because of where it is (though not un-noticed by all the staff, that's for sure) and lots don't look down that far.

The upgrade is taking place this weekend and a few forums are being moved/changed/removed etc.

Once the upgrade is done i think it would be more sensible to have the United video forum as a sub forum of the Man Utd Chat forum, at the top and clear for everyone to see.

How does that sound to everyone ?

Links to watch as well as download would really be appreciated for so many reasons as well.

(PS, just want to say thanks from me, because i've got United stuff that i wouldn't have if it weren't for you mate. :) ;) )


I've already asked RM for a re-vamp of the video forum. I think it deserves more that a sub forum. It should be a main forum just below Man Utd Chat, with sub forums inside for Highlights/TV shows/Full Matches and more.

Any changes will have to be made after the upgrade. Let's get that out of the way first.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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