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Watford v Manchester United

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After the euphoria of the magnificent seven against Roma, we come down to Earth again with a little trip to Villa Park for the small matter of an FA Cup Semi Final.

Watford will put up a better performance than Roma I feel and if we play the same team, should win it.

United's main doubt seems to be the injury to O'Shea. But Evra can fill in for him no messing!!
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I think Man Utd are going to win easily! If they perform as Roma match performance!!

the remaining competitions will be between Man Utd and Chelski!!

Hope that United will win them all!
they will put up a gd fight but we should win easly
yep easy win

(why do people call chelsea "chelski"?)
looking at watord and chelsea's match in the league and considering that the cup is all wats left for watford...i dun expect and ez match at all...a win never the less
Watford 0-1 Man Utd
Roony 8"

wonderfull goal from outside the box
Man Utd 4-1 Watford

who elce but Richardson to score :)
Crap game. No way could Watford compete with us so they played block football, two players on every United player, when we were on the ball. Yet we won 4-1 and yet I do not feel as though "we actually won" - it was a lousy game to watch.

We are the first team on the list to play in the FA Cup Final at the new Wembley; historical moment!!
Because they are run by the Russian Mafioski. (Mafia).
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