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Seems young Wayne is to wed his childhood sweetheart Coleen Mcloughlin in the

I can't wait for this to happen ...

I recall the events at Coleen's 18h birthday party.

All the families gathering together to celebrate the event ...

As the celebrations livened up so did the Rooney clan. There then followed a
huge punch up between the two families. All good fun if you're into this kind of

So the wedding promises to be 'eventful' if nothing else.

Unless Coleen gets her way - which she does seem to do quite a lot. She has
banned the whole Rooney family from the event.

Good old in-laws huh ...

One good thing though ...

'Hello' magazine have bought the exclusive rights to cover the wedding for a cool
£1,500,000. Wayne and Coleen have donated the cash to a children's charity so
kudos to the two of them for that ...

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